Book Cover Image of Hipology: Horizons in Poetry by Ron Alle and Stella Crews

Hipology: Horizons in Poetry
by Ron Alle and Stella Crews

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Publication Date: Oct 01, 1990
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Format: Paperback, 152 pages
Classification: Poetry
ISBN13: 9780940713079
Imprint: Broadside Press
Publisher: Broadside Press
Parent Company: Broadside Lotus Press

Paperback Description:

Includes the following Poems:

  1. "Doors Of Perception" by Allen Adkins
  2. "No. 125: Incident At The Tea Party" by Rico Africa
  3. "Dream Number 1" by Ronald (ron) L. Allen
  4. "Who Am I" by Ronald (ron) L. Allen
  5. "Guns Really Don’t Kill People" by Alvin Bernard Aubert
  6. "New Year Resolution, 1990" by Alvin Bernard Aubert
  7. "Making Hate" by Irv Barat
  8. "The Deep Hat Boys" by Faruq Z. Bey
  9. "In My Addiction I Study Foucault: 2" by Sadiq Bey
  10. "In Tampere" by Sadiq Bey
  11. "The Vesper Of Vietnam" by Melba Joyce Boyd
  12. "Hamp And Marie" by Carolyn Burke
  13. "Beats" by Mary Ann Cameron
  14. "Indian Summer" by Mary Ann Cameron
  15. "The Crystal Globe I" by Hernan Castellano-Giron
  16. "Consolation" by Clear Land
  17. "Reminder On The Wind, Sels." by Stella Crews
  18. "Name Poem I" by Saundra Douglas
  19. "Scenario In A Check Out Lane" by Saundra Douglas
  20. "For Tina Turner" by Leisia Duskin
  21. "Snow Corn" by Leisia Duskin
  22. "Standoff" by Larry Gabriel
  23. "Driving Through The Fog" by Jose L. Garza
  24. "Desire And Free Trade" by Charles Gervin
  25. "Laid Off" by Michele Gibbs
  26. "Religious Instruction: Book Of Revelations" by Michele Gibbs
  27. "5" by David Glicker
  28. "Peace For Ali Muhammad" by Kaleema Hasan
  29. "Snowfire" by Errol Henderson
  30. "Love Poem #2" by Lolita Hernandez
  31. "If You Don’t Want My Love Poem" by Mildred Hunt
  32. "My Name" by Mildred Hunt
  33. "Untitled I" by Kim Hunter
  34. "Untitled II" by Kim Hunter
  35. "Hunger, Sels." by Geoffrey Jacques
  36. "Revolution Is Realism" by Nubia Kai
  37. "South Africa Lives Here (for Winnie Mandela)" by Nubia Kai
  38. "Penman’s Song" by Angeline Kaimala
  39. "Zelime" by Sybil Kein
  40. "Calling All Brothers" by Aneb Kgositsile
  41. "Collard Green Fields Forever" by Aneb Kgositsile
  42. "Lycia" by David Lee
  43. "Passatempo" by Paul Lichter
  44. "Open The Sky For Air (for Faruq Z. Bey)" by M. L. Liebler
  45. "Images" by Naomi Long (Witherspoon) Madgett
  46. "The Artist" by John Mason
  47. "On Going To Kill Deer And Finding Them Uncooperative" by Rick McKenzie
  48. "The Mouth Of The River Of Eyes The Delta" by Jahra M. McKinney
  49. "Black Socrates" by Ray McKinney
  50. "In Detroit Meadows" by Ray McKinney
  51. "Satchmo: Man About To Die" by Ray McKinney
  52. "Jump" by Wardell, Jr. Montgomery
  53. "Azania" by Michael Nance
  54. "Hope" by Michael Nance
  55. "The Musician" by Michael Nance
  56. "Memories Of Mei (for Mei-mei Berssenbrugge)" by Schaarazetta Natalege
  57. "Sankai Juku: Butoh Dancers Of The Soul" by Schaarazetta Natalege
  58. "For John Coltrane" by Kofi Natambu
  59. "Late Summer 1988 (brooklyn)" by Kofi Natambu
  60. "Words & Music In America" by Kofi Natambu
  61. "Untitled" by Kim Nolte-Avalon
  62. "Snoring" by Lawrence Pike
  63. "Summer" by Lawrence Pike
  64. "This Singular Voice: 1" by Ibn Pori Pitts
  65. "This Singular Voice: 2" by Ibn Pori Pitts
  66. "This Singular Voice: 3" by Ibn Pori Pitts
  67. "Untitled" by Leslie Reese
  68. "A Remembered Candle" by Rod Reinhart
  69. "The River" by Rod Reinhart
  70. "Winterblood" by Rod Reinhart
  71. "Enticement" by Philip R. Royster
  72. "#56" by Rob Rudnick
  73. "Chicano Warriors" by Trinidad, Jr. Sanchez
  74. "Why Do Men Wear Earrings On One Ear?" by Trinidad, Jr. Sanchez
  75. "Passion Fruit" by Steven Schreiner
  76. "Private Fire" by Steven Schreiner
  77. "’Hackensack’ (for Mary Lou Williams)" by John Sinclair
  78. "Chewing Gum" by Sharon Smith-Knight
  79. "Wine Sip" by Sharon Smith-Knight
  80. "For Wild Women" by Marie Stephens
  81. "Tiananmen Square" by Marie Stephens
  82. "Cafe Au Lait" by Keith Sterling
  83. "Nocturnal Emissions" by Keith Sterling
  84. "After Mechanic Tuned The Engine, It Ran Out Of Key" by Teresa Tan
  85. "Untitled I" by Teresa Tan
  86. "Untitled II" by Teresa Tan
  87. "Queen Of The Molar Derby" by Dennis Teichman
  88. "Rigor Of Mortise" by Dennis Teichman
  89. "The Day We Threw Out The Xmas Tree" by Chris Tysh
  90. "Trash & Shout" by Chris Tysh
  91. "Rutha Jean: White Friend Of My Childhood" by Hilda Vest
  92. "On A Hunger Strike Not Telling Anyone About It" by Mick Vranich
  93. "Do You Know What It Means To Miss Detroit?" by Rayfield (ray) Waller
  94. "Mike And Robin Must Love Each Other" by Rayfield (ray) Waller
  95. "Die Cut Not %like Bleeding Paper" by Roberto Warren
  96. "The Plagues (for South African Boutique Women)" by Roberto Warren
  97. "A Black Man Who Wants To Be A White Woman" by Tyrone Williams
  98. "A Good Left Jab (for Kim Hunter)" by Tyrone Williams
  99. "Wild Kingdom (for Milan Kundera)" by Tyrone Williams
  100. "Tenor Tears" by Willie Williams
  101. "Untitled" by Rudy Woods