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Kismet : A story of Love, Friendship, Obsession and Fate
by Dawn Knight

Publication Date:
List Price: $99.00
Format: Paperback, 416 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780967866000
Imprint: Brooklyn Books
Publisher: Brooklyn Books
Parent Company: Brooklyn Books
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Book Description:
Embark on an adventurous journey with Danielle, Keera, Queenie, Saudia, Tai and Jody, childhood friends whose lives simultaneously erupt in turmoil. The Thanksgiving holiday had never been more eventful for Danielle Johnson and her friends. Each come together after being separated by the demands of womanhood and are individually attacked by life altering situations. Deceit, drugs, murder and sex are the undercurrents that challenge foundations of love, friendship and spirituality. The ladies will mingle in Hollywood’s ghetto-fabulous circles and peek into its deep dark secrets. You will be held captive by Kilamunjaro aka Killa in the not so fabulous ghetto of Los Angeles. His obsession with Danielle proves fatal as he plays "beat the clock" with Andrew, Danielle’s wrongfully imprisoned husband. As each character experiences mad drama they rediscover family, friends as well as their own Inner-Spirit. Between these chapters all will try to find refuge in one, the other, or all. That is, if their sanity doesn’t escape them first. This riveting story will take you on a trip through your own soul. So, be careful when you enter this world, Kismet. Not only because it’s an emotional whirlwind, but because the ride is so thrilling that you will never want to get off.

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