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Wild Thangz
by Winston Chapman

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback, 297 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780972800525
    Imprint: Black Pearl Books
    Publisher: Black Pearl Books
    Parent Company: Black Pearl Books, Inc.
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    Book Description:
    Jazmyn, Trina and Brea are definitely a trio of Drama-Magnets - the sista-girlz version of Charlie’s Angels. Young & fine with bangin’ bodies, the three of them feel like they can do no wrong not even with each other. No matter the location: Jamaica, Miami, NYC or the A-T-L, lust, greed and trouble is never far from these wanna-be divas. Jazymn has secret dreams that if she pursues will cause her to have mega family problems. Though the most logical of the group, she can get her attitude on with the best of them when pushed. Trina wasn’t always the diva. Book-smarts used to be her calling-card. But, under the tutoring of her personal hoochie-professor, Brea, she’s just now beginning to understand the power that she has in her traffic-stopping Badunkadunk. Brea has the face of a princess, but is straight ghetto-fab — without the slightest shame. As the wildest of the bunch, her personal credos of living life to the fullest and to use what her mama gave her’ to get ahead, is constantly creating drama for Jazymn and Trina. When past skeleton-choices in Brea’s closet places all three of them in an impossible life-and-death situation, they must take an action that has the most serious of consequences, in order to survive! The very foundation of their friendship-bond gets tested, as each of them have the opportunity to sell-out the other! The question is, Will They? Wild Parties, Wild Situations & Wild Nights are always present for these Wild Thangz!

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