Book Cover Image of Tricked A Novel by Cynthia A. Minor

Tricked A Novel
by Cynthia A. Minor

Publication Date: Nov 19, 2009
List Price: $23.95
Format: Hardcover, 326 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780974601922
Imprint: Roseapple Publishing Company
Publisher: Roseapple Publishing Company
Parent Company: Roseapple Publishing Company

Hardcover Description:

This thrilling work takes us into the halls and offices of RJP International, one of the largest and richest brokerage firms still standing. A stand out mathematician and corporate leader discovers that a theory she discovered in college could be used to dessimate the stock market as we know it. She begins a quest to plug the holes and finds herself hunted for who she is and hounded for what she knows. Complex character absorbed in a web of lies touch her life in ways that will astound and send you reeling. This book screams movie and sequel.