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Last Bitch Standing
by Joy Deja King

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Format: Paperback, 254 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780975581186
Imprint: A King Production
Publisher: A King Production
Parent Company: A King Production
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Book Description:
In the final installment of the Bitch Series, Precious Cummings only has one agenda and that is to destroy her most conniving enemy yet, Maya. Precious has no doubt that she can shut it down, the only problem is locating her nemesis who has disappeared with her husband, Supreme and daughter, Aaliyah. As Precious fights to not only win the battles but the war, she is determined to be the Last Bitch Standing.The characters from Stackin’ Paper, Trife Life To Lavish and Stackin’ Paper 2 will play pivotal roles in this story to prepare you for Trife Life To Lavish part 2 and Bitch A New Beginning. So if you haven’t yet, read this series to get a complete understanding of how these stories intertwine!

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