Book Cover Image of Another Woman’s Husband by Angel Mechelle

Another Woman’s Husband
by Angel Mechelle

Publication Date: Jun 06, 2008
List Price: $680.70
Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780981497815
Imprint: Shannon Holmes Communication Media
Publisher: Shannon Holmes Communication Media
Parent Company: Shannon Holmes Communication Media

Paperback Description:

Bree Michaels is young, sexy, single and raising two children alone. As if being single weren t bad enough, Bree has a problem; she misses having that special someone in her life. It s been a while, but Bree isn t desperate or even looking for love, when things jump off. She never wanted to be someone s slide, and definitely never wanted to be the other woman . In Bree s mind she was a catch, wifey material. It was when she met Dre, her fine and married neighbor when all her self-control and morals flew out the window. Bree surprises herself by her willingness to compromise her soul to be with Dre. Things get hectic when Dre s wife Neecy begins to suspect the true nature of the friendship between Bree and Dre. Neecy goes crazy when she learns the truth. Neecy vows not to let Bree break up her family or take her man not without a fight.