Book Cover Image of Growing Pains by Erica Hunt

Growing Pains
by Erica Hunt

    Publication Date: Jul 18, 2008
    List Price: $15.99
    Format: Paperback, 108 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781436332880
    Imprint: Xlibris
    Publisher: Author Solutions
    Parent Company: Najafi Companies

    Paperback Description:

    It was about 2am and someone was banging on the door like their life depended on it. Darren got up and answered it. It was the police. They announced that they had a warrant for his arrest. What? I threw on some clothes and went to the door where they had already placed him in handcuffs. I went back in and sat on the edge of the bed with my head in the palms of my hands. The officer came in and said Darren wanted to speak with me. He told me that his daughter’s mother must have been behind this whole thing. He told me that he didn’t appear in court back in Colorado. I was confused. Everything was happening so fast. They took his wallet so I had no money. When the officer asked if we had a vehicle in our possession Darren immediately said No and looked at me. I got the point without getting the point and I said no as well. He kissed me on the cheek and just like that he was out of my life again. The hotel manager came in when the cops left and told me I had to get out first thing in the morning. The only reason I was allowed to stay the night was because I had Lil Aaron with me.