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Adinkrahene: Fear of a Black Planet
by J. A. Faulkerson

Publication Date:
List Price: $7.99
Format: Paperback, 176 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781499399820
Imprint: CreateSpace
Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
Parent Company:, Inc.
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Book Description:

In a world where America has elected its first Black president, a new generation of heroes must emerge to unite a divided kingdom.

When Mississippi Senator Kyle Shuler announces his bid to unseat presidential incumbent Herbert Newsom, America’s first, black president, Washington Post political reporter Jonathan Fraiser is miffed. He knows Senator Shuler’s dirty, little secret—that he and two of his friends murdered an elderly, black woman as teenagers. But Jonathan isn’t the only person disturbed by Shuler’s announcement. His longtime friend Selina Giles, an FBI agent, was eleven years old when Shuler slit her grandmother’s throat. Now, Jonathan and Selina must join forces as Adinkrahene agents to prevent a Jim Crow criminal from becoming the leader of the free world.

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