I Hate My Job

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I Hate My Job
by King Dhakir

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    Publication Date:
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781564115041
    Imprint: Creative Souls Multimedia
    Publisher: Creative Souls Multimedia
    Parent Company: Creative Souls Multimedia
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    Book Description:

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    Surviving while earning scraps and living under the roofs of others, Justice King is a college graduate who struggles with finding his calling in life.

    Unruly customers, demanding managers and sophomoric co-workers push his patience to the edge while he earns a steady pay-check that only lasts until the next. He faces the challenge of steering away from the temptation of fast money and success as he thinks about the future once rent and property increases evict long-time residents from their homes.

    As smiles and laughter come in the form of side hustles, skirt chasing, and passing jokes with a close friend, the temporary high outside the workplace is what keeps his mind from exploding.

    The story of I Hate My Job is the vision of people who inspire to live the life of their choice with the sacrifice of getting out their dreams and creating their own vision. It's the story of laughs, cries, pain, and joy, and the battle of lifting the spirits of the inner self.

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