Book Cover Image of Shirleen and the Shoes by LaKesa Cox

Shirleen and the Shoes
by LaKesa Cox

    Publication Date: May 12, 2019
    List Price: $12.00
    Format: Paperback, 28 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Picture Book
    ISBN13: 9781645709978
    Imprint: BookBaby
    Publisher: BookBaby
    Parent Company: BookBaby

    Paperback Description:

    Since Shirleen’s daddy died in the war, her mother has taken on a new job at Mr. Connie’s Shoe Shop. Shirleen doesn’t understand why people won’t just throw their old shoes away and buy new ones. However, she’s exited to be joining her mother at her new job where she can sell all the machines Mr. Connie uses to make old shoes look like new. What Shirleen doesn’t realize is that she’s going to learn a whole lot more when she decides to walk in other people’s shoes. From a nurse to a construction worker, Shirleen tries to fill some big shoes but not before realizing those shoes tell the stories of their owners.Take a journey in someone else’s shoes with Shirleen.

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