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Butterfly 4
by Ashley Antoinette

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    Publication Date: Jul 21, 2021
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Paperback, 406 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781735517124
    Imprint: Ashley Antoinette
    Publisher: Ashley Antoinette
    Parent Company: Ashley Antoinette Incorporated

    Paperback Description:

    Morgan Atkins has depended on men her entire life. First her father, then Ethic Okafor, then came Messiah Williams, and finally Ahmeek Harris. She loves them all for different reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is their unconditional love for her. Morgan is the queen of their worlds, if only she knew her own worth. Trapped by the threat of a deadly secret, Morgan has lost it all. She’s engaged to an abusive and powerful man who is willing to bury everyone to keep control over Morgan’s heart. If she doesn’t marry him, he will destroy those she loves most, and Morgan can’t let that happen.

    Morgan is in over her head and she needs help, but with the secret of the twins out for the world to judge, she is lonelier than ever. Messiah nor Ahmeek can come to her rescue. Will Morgan escape the royal family? Will she redeem herself with Messiah? Will Ahmeek ever look at her the same? Will her disloyalty to Ethic be the thing that brings his kingdom falling to the ground?

    Morgan seems to be more like Raven Atkins than she thought and the generational curse of sleeping with the enemy is not easily broken. Will Morgan’s fate be different? Or will she just become another Atkins princess that the streets annihilate?