Book Cover Image of The Real Taste of Jamaica, Rev. Ed. by Enid Donaldson

The Real Taste of Jamaica, Rev. Ed.
by Enid Donaldson

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    Publication Date: Oct 01, 2000
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    Format: Paperback, 176 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781894020862
    Imprint: Ian Randle Publishers
    Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers
    Parent Company: Ian Randle Publishers

    Paperback Description:

    The Real Taste of Jamaica takes food lovers and cooks the world over into Jamaican homes, kitchen and restaurants to sample the full range of native cuisine prepared by local housewives, cooks, restaurateurs and roadside ’jerkies’. Enid Donaldson presents her dishes with flair and imagination, delicately spiced and flavoured with curry, scotch bonnet peppers, jerk sauce, pimento, nutmeg, rum and a dash of typical Jamaican humour. ’Stamp and Go’, ’Dip and Fall Back’, ’Mannish Water’ and ’Matrimony’ conjure up images that do not disappoint when tasted. Traditional recipes are included for those who would like to recapture childhood memories. The section, ’Ole Time Someting’, contributed by noted journalist and talk-show host Barbara Gloudon, captures the memories and magic of Jamaica kitchens and homes of yesteryear. ’Out of Many, One Pot’ aptly describes Jamaica’s culinary motto, capturing the rich and exciting blend of Native Indian, Spanish, British, African, East Indian, Chinese, Jewish and Lebanese cuisines.

    The Real Taste of Jamaica sizzles to life as Enid Donaldson embarks on a tropical culinary journey, exploring the unique flavors that can only be called Jamaican. Taste native cuisine prepared by local housewives, cooks, restauranteurs and roadside `Jerkies` that food lovers savour all over the world.

    First published in the Carribbean by Jamaica’s top independent publisher, Ian Randle Publishers, The Real Taste of Jamaica was brought to North America by Warwick Publishing in 1996. Four years and five reprints later, Warwick and Randle have collaborated to develop additional material on traditional Jamaican cuisine and regional variations to dishes that round out the flavor of this amazing and original book. In addition, new photography by well-known Jamaican-Canadian food photographer Ray Chen illustrates this revised new edition.

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