Book Cover Image of Black Fairy Tales: A Coloring and Activity Book by Crystal Swain-Bates

Black Fairy Tales: A Coloring and Activity Book
by Crystal Swain-Bates

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Format: Paperback, 34 pages
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Picture Book
ISBN13: 9781939509154
Imprint: Goldest Karat Publishing
Publisher: Goldest Karat Publishing
Parent Company: Goldest Karat Publishing
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Paperback Description:
Tired of the lack of diversity in children’s coloring books? In Black Fairy Tales, 24 illustrations depict scenes from timeless tales such as "Cinderella","Goldilocks and the Three Bears", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Pinocchio", "Snow White", "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Princess and the Frog", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Rapunzel", "Peter Pan" and many other classics. In each illustration, the beloved black characters from the "Colorful Adventures" black coloring book line by Crystal Swain-Bates are dropped into the scene so that brown children worldwide can see themselves depicted in fairy tales. More than just a coloring book, activity pages include thought-provoking questions ("If you had Aladdin’s magic lamp, what would you wish for?"), and fun pictures to complete ("Draw a crown for the princess", "Design Cinderella’s dress for the ball!). Grab your box of crayons and bring these black and white illustrations of your favorite fairy tale heroes and heroines to life. Looking for more self-esteem boosting African-American children’s books? Check out the following highly regarded books by Crystal Swain-Bates: "Big Hair, Don’t Care" "Naturally Me" "The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star" "The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay" "Supermommy" "Color My Fro"