Book Cover Image of Ori: The Afrikan Warriors’ Mindset by Balogun Ojetade

Ori: The Afrikan Warriors’ Mindset
by Balogun Ojetade

Publication Date: Jan 16, 2018
List Price: $19.95
Format: Paperback, 232 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781983644108
Imprint: CreateSpace
Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
Parent Company:, Inc.

Paperback Description:

Your mindset is a major factor in determining whether you live or die in a violent encounter, whether you build a “go bag” (bug-out bag) just in case It All Falls Down, whether you train to protect yourself and your loved ones and whether you read this book to the very end and study the principles and techniques found inside. From weekend warriors to master martial artists, having the mental training and skills to perform with consistent excellence is very often the critical difference between winners and losers, between the quick and the dead. ORI: THE AFRIKAN WARRIORS’ MINDSET will provide you with a real and sustainable edge in an increasingly dangerous world. All you need is to commit to the mental training found in ORI: THE AFRIKAN WARRIORS’ MINDSET. When you put the information in this book into action, you will increase your mental toughness exponentially, win more often, and achieve more success in your life.

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