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Future AALBC Book Selection
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To be Considered as a Moderator for AALBC’s Book Club, please email us.

We are looking for a moderator for our online book club, “The Coffee Will Make You Black.”

Historically we have read both fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of genres. Titles selected, for the club’s reading list may be chosen in any manner the moderator chooses, subject to the following conditions:

Book Club moderators will get all of the books they choose for for the reading list for free. Moderators will also enjoy the benefit of being able to get free book galleys (prepublication versions of books provided to reviewer and the media). Authors and publishers wishing to have their books considered for our reading list will also provide books for consideration for inclusion on the clubs reading list.

This is a voluntary position and there is no compensation 9at this time) beyond the free books. No technical skill is required all updates will be made by AALBC. Moderators will be responsible for choosing the book to be read (at least one per month) and facilitating the conversation around the book (video conference, online discussion, or a hybrid approach).

Interested? Email Us.