Book Cover Image of Thug Angel; Rebirth of a Gargoyle by Jeff Carroll

Thug Angel; Rebirth of a Gargoyle
by Jeff Carroll

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Format: Kindle eBook, 258 pages
Classification: Fiction
Imprint: Black Beauty Presents
Publisher: Black Beauty Presents
Parent Company: Black Beauty Presents
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Kindle eBook Description:
There’s an angel watching over all of us, is just a theory, an old saying but when you live in the safest apartment complex in New York its not a belief, it’s a fact. People say it’s a monster that protects the Front Street Projects. Some say it’s a gargoyle that keeps the walls of the buildings free of graffiti or people from getting mugged. Nzinga Keita is just a teenage girl trying to get some space from her dad when she finds out everything from her horror books is real. When vampires and werewolves lay claim to her hood, things get so ugly that it may take more than a little pick pocket, graffiti vandal chasing guardian angel can handle. Whatever is defending the FSPs will have to step up and become more than a friendly feather winged security patrol, this gargoyle or whatever it is will have to become a Thug Angel.