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Witness Love and Unity: Beginners Series Twin Flame Love Oneness Forever
by Johanna Sparrow

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    Format: Kindle eBook, 62 pages
    Classification: Fiction
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    Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
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    Book Description:
    In life we see successful relationships all around us and wonder from day to day how they work, I mean what keeps them going? How can two people’s love be so infinitely bounded together that they can co-exist in a reality where loving outside of one’s self is a daily struggle. This series will take you deep into the lives of couples whose love has stood the test of time. You will feel what they feel and understand boundaries like never before but first you must Witness how wonderful being in love truly is.

    Witness true love existing all around you and it’s the most beautiful expression of love you have yet to experience. Two people existing as an eternal flame.

    Witness a world where love and peace is not as farfetched as many would have you believe.

    Witness finding the love you want and need without experiencing hurt and pain but most of all witness that you are love and if understood have the power to give it freely.

    If you never witness true love you will in twin-flames and hopefully you will find the reason as to why your flame over the years has been but a flicker. You can’t attract what you are not. Love attracts love no different from evil attracting evil. If you are looking to infuse your relationship with a passion and flame you once had or never experienced, journey with witness and watch just how deep your love for that special person in your life truly is.