Book Cover Image of Mosaic Literary Magazine Issue #8 by Ron Kavanaugh

Mosaic Literary Magazine Issue #8
Edited by Ron Kavanaugh

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    Publication Date: Apr 21, 2000
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    Format: Magazine, 52 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Imprint: Mosaic Literary Magazine
    Publisher: Mosaic Literary Magazine
    Parent Company: Literary Freedom Project

    Magazine Description:

    Download a pdf version of the Spring 2000 Issue of Mosaic Literary Magazine.

    All advertising has been removed from this eMagazine edition.  This special, electronic version, of Mosaic Literary Magazine is an exclusive, courtesy of our friends at Mosaic Magazine!

    mosaic summer 2000[ c o n t e n t s ]
    of this issue

    the souls of black folk | 10
    we profiled nine writers who
    will make a difference in what
    we read for years to come.

    on the verge | 22
    Marci Blackman "Po Man’s Child"
    by Akilah Monifa

    excerpt | 24
    Po Man’s Child

    black literary rebirth | 26
    various literary voices weigh in
    on this “black literary renaissance”

    what happened to ebonics? | 32
    the ebonics argument might be quiet,
    but it’s not dead.
    by India Savage Anderson

    Poetry Cookers | 20
    by Gregory Powell

    Lingo | 35
    by Kireema Sprowal

    crossword puzzle | 47 

    Launched in 1998, Mosaic Literary Magazine is a website and quarterly print magazine exploring the literary arts by writers of African descent. Each issue contains a unique blend of profiles, book reviews, and literature lesson plans.

    Mosaic is produced by the Literary Freedom Project, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit arts organization that supports the literary arts through education, creative thinking, and new media.