Book Review: The Porn Star Guide To Great Sex

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by Mr. Marcus

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    Format: Hardcover, 224 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780312382391
    Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan
    Publisher: Macmillan
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    Book Reviewed by Kam Williams

    "When I first started in porn I knew how to give it to a woman, but what I didn't know was how the woman wanted me to give it to her. I've been successful in the industry for so long for a reason: I listened, learned, and made changes that made a lasting impression on my co-stars, directors, and the public. I became a better lover and performer not only because gave my lovers what they wanted, but because when I failed it only drove me harder to succeed…

    So who better to turn to for practical sexual advice than one of the most popular porn actors in American history? Over the past decade I've starred in more than a thousand original feature films… My prowess is the envy of many of my peers, and my techniques and stamina are legendary…

    I've seen it all and I've done most of it, s there's something here for everyone… After you're done, you'll want to put everything you've read into action.
    -- Excerpted from the Introduction (pgs. 3-5)

    Unless St. Martin's the Patron Saint of pornography, he is probably spinning in his grave over the fact that the publishing company which bears his name has put out this book. The author, Marcus Spencer, aka Mr. Marcus, is the porn industry's biggest, pardon the double entendre, African-American star.

    It appears that the well-endowed, 40 year-old adult entertainer is now looking to go legit, between a recent role in the Hollywood film Finding Bliss and writing this sex guide. Mr. Marcus leaves little doubt about his confidence in the sack, given his lack of performance anxiety over the course of an enduring career during which he specialized in interracial skin flicks with salacious titles like Sex for Hire, Once You Go Black, Show Me the Money, and the World's Luckiest Black Man, where he supposedly satisfied 100 different women.

    Still, it's one thing for a stud to be able to copulate on cue, and quite another entirely for him to be doling out advice about lovemaking. After all, you'd think that a compulsive exhibitionist with such a big ego might be a narcissist incapable of exhibiting any sensuality towards the object of his injection.

    But no, Mr. Marcus reveals a sensitive side in this comprehensive opus which touches on every area of human sexuality you could think of, and then some. The book is broken up into 16 chapters ranging from conventional behavior like kissing and the missionary position all the way to bizarre practices including group sex and sadomasochism. Mr. Marcus

    Marcus' literary style might best be assessed as a playful mix of creative and clinical as he sets about describing the path to maximum satisfaction via a variety of increasingly adventurous positions. Leaving nothing to the imagination, he augments his words with fairly-graphic illustrations reminiscent of those contained in The Joy of Sex. And he had the good sense to devote the final chapter to promoting safe sex and AIDS prevention, which is a good idea if you're considering some of his kinkier suggestions involving multiple partners.

    Dr. Ruth might have the academic credentials, but perusing The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex you definitely get the sense that Mr. Marcus deserves a Ph.D. of his own by virtue of sexual street cred earned in the School of Hard Knocks.

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