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Book Review: It All Begins With "I": The "New Rules Of Thinking" And The Simple Secrets To Living A Rich, Joyous And Fulfilled Life

It All Begins With "I": The "New Rules Of Thinking" And The Simple Secrets To Living A Rich, Joyous And Fulfilled Life
by Stuart K Robinson

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    List Price: $14.95 (store prices may vary)
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Nonfiction
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    ISBN13: 9781931290050
    Imprint: Tallfellow Press
    Publisher: Tallfellow Press
    Parent Company: Tallfellow Press

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    “What is your deepest desire? Probably the same thing most others really want: a happy and fulfilled life. When we don't experience life as happy and fulfilled, our tendency is to look for someone or something to blame, our parents, our boss, the government, an adversary, and a lengthy list of others.

    However, even if and when we identify someone to blame, we are struck with with the stunning truth that we have zero power to change those people or conditions. And so we feel powerless. That feeling stops now.

    In the pages that follow, you will see that you have all the power you need… And when you take control… by understanding and steadfastly following the New Rules of Thinking in this book, you will see miraculous results.”
    —Excerpted from the Introduction (page xiii)

    If you’re in the market for a positive thinking self-help primer, It All Begins with ‘I’ certainly fits the bill. The book was written by Stuart K. Robinson, a motivational speaker and life coach who has inspired folks all over the world with his “New Rules of Thinking.” Now, Mr. Robinson has reduced those 14 affirmations to an easy-to-digest format for those who can’t come to see him in person.

    You've probably heard most of his common sense advice before in one form or another. Take, Rule #6: “I Will Fire the Announcer.” By that, the author means ignoring that distracting, negative voice in your head capable of discouraging you via a defeatist attitude. He suggests that, instead, you “Trust your heart, because you feel it.”

    Robinson's other axioms range from “I Will Determine My Habits” to “I Will Believe in Myself” to “I Am Who I Think I Am, and I Get What I Expect.” In terms of more innovative ideas, he devotes an entire chapter to the difference between the “I” (good) and “Me” (bad) mentalities.

    Previously, I always assumed that the distinction between those first person pronouns was merely grammatical. But the author makes a persuasive case for eschewing the latter one, suggesting that having limiting thoughts like “What about me?” can be very self-destructive.

    Robinson closes his optimistic opus with a trio of big secrets: the secret to a happy life, the secret to getting anything you want in two weeks, and the secret to finding out who you really are. Far be it from me to spoil those tips beyond relating that “happiness is yours” provided you follow Mr. Robinson's step-by-step path to total bliss.

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