Book Excerpt – Chasing Ava: A Bachelor of Shell Cove Novel

Chasing Ava: A Bachelor of Shell Cove Novel
by Siera London

    Publication Date: Mar 26, 2015
    List Price: $15.00
    Format: Paperback, 346 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780986424311
    Imprint: Katrina Pringle
    Publisher: Katrina Pringle
    Parent Company: Katrina Pringle

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    Ava had been distracted for days, Logan noticed. When he’d questioned her, she denied that there was a problem. But she seemed more fragile and solitary. Even with him in the room, she withdrew inside herself, seemingly afraid to maintain the connection between them. The Shell Cove Medical Foundation social was fast approaching. He wanted her at his side when he made the final push for the board position.


    She looked up from the novel she was reading. Her feet curled protectively under her on the other end of the couch. She had tried to leave him, but it was like she wasn’t expecting him to stay.


    “I want you to come with me on Tuesday to the foundation’s social at the Tower Club. It is a business meeting masquerading as a social because they provide refreshments.”

    “Logan, I think we should keep your career and our relationship in separate corners. I don’t know those people and they probably don’t want to know me.”

    Her tone was apologetic and laced with regret. Was his world as shallow as she believed it to be?

    Why didn’t she want to be a part of every aspect of his life? Something she refused to share with him was holding her back from truly being with him. What more could he do to reassure her he was not going anywhere? They would be together. The tingle in the back of his cranium reinforced that something was wrong. Her reluctance to share his life did not make sense.

    “Are you seeing someone else?” As the color drained from her face, Logan mentally berated himself for uttering the hurtful words. She closed the novel, both hands lay still in her lap then she raised her chin and leveled him with disbelief etched on her face.

    “How can you ask me that question?” The desolate stare she settled on him made him feel like the worst kind of jerk. The tightness in his chest didn’t keep him from going to her, in two powerful strides he was at her side taking her in his arms.

    “I’m sorry, sweetheart.” She was rigid as a steel blade in his arms. He had hurt her again. He wanted to do the right thing where Ava was concerned, but he continued to fall short.

    “How could you think that about me?” Delivered in a whisper, the hurt in her voice rang out a resounding clang in his chest.

    “I don’t know what to think. I want you to want to be with me.”

    Ava had yet to meet any of his friends, besides Graham. To give her credit she had met Gideon Rice, but she already knew him as one of the psychiatrists on staff. Logan thought having Ava attend a Shell Cove Medical Foundation social with him would serve as an introduction to his circle of acquaintances.

    “I want you, Logan. Don’t ever doubt that.” She looked up into his eyes, honesty shone bright in the depths.

    “Then come with me on Tuesday. I’m not above bribery to get what I want. Say yes,” he nibbled her earlobe earning him a playful swat to the abdomen.

    “No one knows me and I’d just be in the way. What’s the bribe?”

    “You know me. That’s enough.” He reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a square, signature blue jewelry box. At the sight of the box, Ava narrowed her eyes. She watched him as he lifted her left hand to his lips, kissed each finger before turning her palm up and lowering the box to the center.

    Gently he sucked her lower lip between his teeth before he kissed her. He deepened the kiss. Laying her back on the couch, covering her body with his broad frame. He used his tongue to tease and tantalize until she was panting and reaching for him. Passion, raw and wild, straining for release thrummed through her body. He had done that to her.

    “What’s in the box?” She regarded him with uncertainty.

    “Open it and see.” Slowly, as if expecting a fatal bite, she removed the lid from the outer box and lifted the velvet-covered case from its confines. When the two-carat diamond heart necklace came into view she drew in a sharp breath.

    “It’s a beautiful necklace Logan, but you can’t give this to me,” she said extending the case back to him.

    She hadn’t bothered to touch it. He frowned a little before it occurred to him what she needed to hear to accept what he was offering. She had to know why.

    “It’s my heart, Ava.” He saw the small tremble to her lower lip, first. He continued needing her to understand what she meant to him. “I’m giving you my heart, because you are mine and I am yours.” Tears filled her eyes as she pulled the box closer to her own heart and lightly touched her fingers to the pendant. She smiled up at him and laughed. With tears of happiness flowing down her beautiful face, she laughed and he could breathe again.

    “Logan.” At the husky sound of his name coming from her lips, he reached for the pendant and pulled it free of its anchor. Unhooking the clasp, he placed it around her neck and secured it at her nape.

    “Don’t take it off,” he said as he claimed her mouth once more.

    “I won’t,” she replied.

    Did she understand the significance of those two words? He loved her. Neither of them had said the words aloud, but this had to mean she shared the same feelings. He wanted to believe she loved him.

    “Say yes to everything and I will finish what I started.” He felt her hands close around his neck as she pulled him flush with her body.

    “Yes, Logan.”

    Yes had never sounded so good. He smiled as he slid her tank top over her head and reclaimed her lips.

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