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by Barry Fletcher
Barry Fletcher Products Publis (Jan 01, 2010)
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“My latest book, Learn A Man, Earn A Man is out and the response has been amazing! I want to thank all of you who I met at the Essence Music Festival this past summer. Your comments were a real blessing to me. Men and women, single and married all said they learned things from this book that changed their lives for the better. If you haven’t had a chance to read Learn A Man, take a moment and enjoy an excerpt here…”

An Excerpt from Learn A Man, Earn A Man

“Every real man needs a woman, but what he doesn’t want you to know…can hurt you”

Ladies, forget what you may have read or heard from your mom, your sisters, or your girlfriends. There is a surefire way to earn a man. If you sincerely want a man who is worthy of your special light and future promise, a man who can treasure you when you are down as well as he can when you are at the mountaintop, please come right in and pull up a chair. You can take control of how you go about finding him, wooing him and keeping him. You have the power to create an internal and external environment to ensure victory. You can earn a man, not by losing yourself, but by finding yourself.

I am heterosexual man, experienced in the fine arts of loving women, grooming women, and advising women. As a men’s barber, I also happen to regularly get an earful of the innermost feelings and thoughts of men who confide in me. Thus, I am in the extremely rare position of hearing both sides the good, the bad and the boring from men and from women. At this point, I believe that men who are blessed with the wherewithal to engage in romance meaning they are not incarcerated, they have a job, are probably educated, and care enough about themselves to come to my shops for regular shape-ups have a built-in advantage. They are outnumbered by the higher percentage of women who are seeking eligible men. This imbalance creates a certain degree of unfairness for women, and gives men an advantage in the delicate dance of courtship.

This is why I am here to provide you with a unique, secret perspective. For those of you who are new at this, or who think they have been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt, or who think that the man’s job is to earn you while you sit back, Barry Fletcher is here to drop some valuable new information into your romantic toolkit. (And for the sisters who want to hang back, and “make a man prove himself,” well, you just haven&rsquot had your heart broken enough times, yet.) My sincere wish is that you will hear me and listen to me before your heart gets shattered into bits and pieces. The advice and experience I offer here are barometers to help you measure and, if needed, even out your temperament to efficiently find a partner who is your equal. This book will help you neutralize not hide or bury your emotions about men, and better assist you as you navigate your search. In the end, if you have read this with an open mind and heart, you will walk away with a clearer understanding and packed arsenal of best practices for finding and winning the man you deserve.

Ladies, I know that men often get blamed when relationships go bad, and much of the time that blame is justified. But sometimes women must be willing to look hard at their own behavior, expectations and beliefs. It is not always fair or productive for ladies to automatically blame a man and fail to credit him for his positive aspects, while failing to address their own personal missteps. (All said with love, ladies, only love.)

Now for those of you asking what more is there to learn about men, let me put it to you this way: you will probably not be successful if your goal is to fix or change a man. But by all means, read on if you are interested in learning how to discover effective ways to own and leverage your power, and to use your natural properties to control, or should I say, earn a man. I’m on your side. This book is written to help empower you. My goal here is to guide you on the path to the man you deserve: someone who is kind, strong, compassionate, tough in all the right ways and totally, absolutely, one hundred thousand percent SPRUNG on you. My goal is to help you see that you are in control of how much time and access you give a man. Every real man needs a lady, even if he does not know it. Let the lessons begin!