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by Hunter Hayes
Deuce Publishing (Jul 28, 2010)
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After taking an extended hiatus, Ms. Hunter Hayes is back on the literary scene again, feeling ready to share what she believes is her best work yet, Stripper Pole To Heaven. In these trying times, people need something to believe in, and Hayes is banking on giving readers what they want in a cautionary tale of being "stripped" of everything but finding the strength to build yourself back up again. STRIPPER POLE TO HEAVEN When Lisette Jones transforms herself into "Golden" and hits the stage as a stripper, it’s all or nothing—-a dedication that’s earning her top dollar at Club Bare. With the untimely death of her ex, it’s a profession that chose her, so Lisette’s determined to make it work, even if it means chasing dollars to maintain the comfortable lifestyle that she and her teenaged daughter are accustomed to. Being in the spotlight turns out to be downright addictive, but it doesn’t help to fill the void of losing loved ones. Meet the possible solution in Cynthia, her scripture-quoting, bible-toting best friend. It’s because of an invite from her that Lisette stumbles upon just the comfort she’s been seeking in a higher power. Comforted, yes. Cured of all fears of remaining single and becoming possibly broke? No. For Lisette it’s all about the here and now and to prevent getting stuck with nothing she’s down for juggling everything; her closeted profession, giving love another try and her spiritual walk. Unfortunately—— it’s a decision that she may have to pay the ultimate price tag for. And Cynthia Miller may be "scripture quoting and bible toting," but her life is far from perfect. When she walks through the doors of Target Marketing she’s a high-ranking company manager, but just past the doorstop of her apartment, her abusive husband Clyde is the one calling all of the shots. Being both the ideal wife and consummate office exec is demanding, but the balancing act is a goal that Cynthia has set for herself; from shedding her homely image with what she believes will be a life-changing makeover, to indulging in her husband’s twisted sexual fantasies nothing’s off limits. But what will it take for her to realize that the only makeover she ever needed was the one on the inside?