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Click for more detail about Love Like Gumbo (Fjord Discoveries, No 2) by Nancy Rawles Love Like Gumbo (Fjord Discoveries, No 2)

by Nancy Rawles
Fjord Press (Nov 01, 1997)
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Amazon.com Review: Love Like Gumbo is a rich stew of family ties, budding lesbian sexuality, and Creole culture set in 1978 South Central L.A. This is Nancy Rawles’s first novel, and it bears the marks of her previous work as a playwright—crisp dialogue and characters portrayed more with gesture and movement than narrative. Protagonist Grace Broussard is a 20-year-old caught between the traditions of her Creole family and her love for her Mexican girlfriend. This warm, funny novel will appeal to women who question the relation between cultural tradition, family obligation, and an individual’s sexual choices.

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