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Click for more detail about The Man Across Eight Mile by D’Andre Walker The Man Across Eight Mile

by D’Andre Walker
Florence Woodward Publishing (Jan 26, 2021)
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In 1976, Vietnam veteran, Dominique Broddie, is one of Detroit’s newest detectives who must solve a case that hits too close to home when his own daughter is taken.

Emotionally closed off, after surviving the horrors of war, Broddie must deal with his demons from the past while facing adversity and even racism as an African American trying to rise through the ranks in the city’s police department.

When the son of Reverend Wallace Brown goes missing, Dominique is assigned to the case. Believing that the boy has simply run away, Broddie instead focuses on solving a high-profile murder that he hopes will advance his career.

Everything changes when his own daughter goes missing. Broddie suspects that there might be a link between the two disappearances and, with time running out, he must do whatever it takes to bring both children home.

This gripping detective mystery takes readers to a pivotal moment in one of America’s once great cities from the perspective of a troubled father, trying to find his place in stopping its inevitable downfall.

Click for more detail about Not Only in Blood by D’Andre Walker Not Only in Blood

by D’Andre Walker
Florence Woodward Publishing (Dec 10, 2019)
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Not Only in Blood chronicles the adventures of a 15 year old known only as “the boy”. As a free Black living in 1825, his frustration with society has him more than eager to prove himself as a man. When he runs away from home and ventures past the American frontier, he finds a beautiful land where the wrong actions can have horrific consequences.