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by Lanell
FriesenPress (Jan 06, 2015)
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Jennifer is a busy African American patent lawyer in a firm with few females and even fewer African Americans and her boss constantly overlooks her for important cases. In a soul-searching bid to find new challenges and meaning in her life, she signs on for a course in Mandarin Chinese.

Matthew is also a patent lawyer but in a rival firm. A widower, who is White, raising a three-year-old alone, he cannot imagine a future with love and family until one day, he meets Jennifer in the Mandarin course.

The two bond while exploring their shared interest and talent in Mandarin language studies. Although they come from different racial backgrounds, they find that they have a lot in common, particularly their love of Matthew’s daughter Madison.

Soon, they discover that their shared love of Chinese language and culture lies in previous lives spent together during the 8th century Tang Dynasty in China, where they overcame many challenges to be together. Will they overcome the challenges of this lifetime to be together again?

“This debut novella weaves a richly-textured story that spans centuries and brings us fully dimensional characters who love and care deeply. You will cheer for Jennifer and Matthew and join Madison in wanting them all to share their lives together.”

—Mary Metcalfe, Amazon bestselling author of

Winds of Change, New Beginnings and Road to Tomorrow.