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by M. D. Williams
GhettoLectual Publishing (Jul 22, 2014)
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Brains and the motivation to get his family out of the hood helps land Mitchell Thomas in a career that enables him to fulfill his dreams by unimagined means. But for his own reasons he conceals this career and the resulting success from his family. Jazelle Johnson is a teacher who has issues with men, money, and the past. When she encounters Mitchell in her classroom, on a surprise visit to his li'l sister, bad vibes arise for both of them.

Although Mitchell's professional life flourishes, he's crippled emotionally and psychologically by a past tragedy, and women and relationships are off limits. But when Jazelle goes on the warpath, trying to figure out how Mitchell earns his money, they unwittingly become the victims of space and opportunity, and the barriers against the opposite sex each has erected will weaken, promises will be broken, while the element of surprise does the unexpected to their lives.