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by MarZé Scott
Kelacar Enterprises (Oct 12, 2018)
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Aisha could’ve never known how much her life would change the summer before her tenth birthday. Her family and life as she knew it was turned upside down after a tragic accident that left her an only child to her widowed mother. A family secret and an arrangement sent her two hundred fifty miles away from her home only to be given into the hands of her treacherous new guardian, Angel. A new identity and life were given in exchange for her freedom— Gemini was born.Twelve years later, Gemini has secrets of her own that she needs to keep from her coworkers at the accounting firm of McFadden and Tate and Zephyr Gray, a top executive at the company. Gemini fights to keep her feelings for Zephyr hidden, but a turn of events uncovers her feelings and her secret. Now she has to figure out how she reclaims her freedom without getting her or Zephyr killed.

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