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Click for more detail about Blessed Assurance: Inspirational Short Stories Full of Hope & Strength for Life’s Journey by Victoria Christopher Murray, Jacquelin Thomas, S. James Guitard, Maurice Gray, Terrance Johnson, and Patricia Haley Blessed Assurance: Inspirational Short Stories Full of Hope & Strength for Life’s Journey

by Victoria Christopher Murray, Jacquelin Thomas, S. James Guitard, Maurice Gray, Terrance Johnson, and Patricia Haley
Literally Speaking Publishing House (Jun 12, 2008)
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With all of the chaos, confusion, and uncertainty of life, we all need to know of the blessed assurances that God has for our lives. Blessed Assurance is an enjoyable, empowering, engaging, and encouraging example of the everlasting truth that God can move us from heartache to healing, burden to blessings, depression to deliverance, and from trials to triumphs.Fast-paced, witty, entertaining, and inspirational, the writings are modern day renditions of biblical stories.

In the short story, “The Best of Everything,” based on Hannah, you gain a better level of appreciation and thankfulness for what God has already done in your life, which will provide you with strength to endure in the midst of a crisis as well as give you patience as you await new blessings.
“…Pastor Ford hesitated for a second before she asked, 'Would you want a child if it wasn’t God’s will; if that wasn’t His purpose for your life?”
by Victoria Christopher Murray, National Best-selling Author of Temptation and A Sin and a Shame

Lust and Lies,“ based on Samson and Delilah, reminds us of the temptations of lust, the importance of honesty, the dangers of sin and the significance of repentance.
“…Lustful rendezvous and misguided love have me lying in the bed while lying to a woman who I know deep down doesn’t really love me…”
by S. James Guitard, National Best-selling Author of Chocolate Thoughts and Delilah’s Revenge Love Lust and Lies

Traveling Mercies,” based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, teaches us not to place limitations on how and through whom God may send a blessing, and our responsibility to help people whom we often do not know.
“…It was ridiculous for her to even think about getting any more involved, but she couldn’t help herself…”
by Maurice Gray, Popular Author of To Whom Much Is Given

Baby Blues,” based on Abraham and Sarah, lets us better understand the importance of timing, patience, and consequences of operating in God s permissive will versus God’s perfect will for our lives.
“…I know this is an enormous and, perhaps, bizarre request…I want you to have my husband s baby…”
by Patricia Haley , National Best-selling Author of No Regrets and Still Waters

A Sprig of Hope,” based on Tamar, acknowledges that tragedy, sadness and betrayal are an unfortunate part of life, and yet ultimately there is healing, restoration and happiness if you place your trust in God.
“…Her delicate beauty haunted him night and day, making her his one obsession…”
by Jacquelin Thomas, National Best-selling Author of Prodigal Husband and Jezebel

Sword of the Lord,” based on Jephthah, confirms that your past can’t define you if you give your future to God and that everyone at some time or another needs to forgive.
“…I m a fighter, a warrior. Wherever there s a brawl, I try to be in the center…”
by Terrance Johnson, Popular Author of Shades of Black, Eyes of Faith, and Baptism of Fire

Click for more detail about Chocolate Thoughts: Short Stories, Essays and Poetry from the Hearts and Minds of Real Black Men by S. James Guitard Chocolate Thoughts: Short Stories, Essays and Poetry from the Hearts and Minds of Real Black Men

by S. James Guitard
Literally Speaking Publishing House (May 25, 2006)
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A National Bestseller Consistently Rated One of the Nation’s Best African-American Books Chocolate Thoughts is a compilation of over 55 short stories, essays and poems from the hearts and minds of Black men. It provides a refreshing look at the psychological, social, political and economic views that are often held by Black men but not expressed to the general public. An ESSENCE Bestseller, Chocolate Thoughts provides candid insight and uncompromising truth about how Black men truly feel about themselves, relationships, family, sex, marriage, work, careers, religion, love, money, racism, music, violence and sports. It uniquely captures the commonality of Black men irrespective of their socio-economic background or educational attainment. No Black man will read "I Won’t Bow Down," "Reflections on My Relationship with Love," "Black Men" or "Time Bomb" and not recognize the Black man that he has been, currently is, or has known during his life. Every Black woman after reading "Whose Fault Is It," "Chocolate Thoughts and Almond Questions," "Unfulfilled Desires" and "You Can Get All The Shoes You Want" is guaranteed to gain a deeper understanding of the Black men in her life or missing from her life irrespective of whether or not that Black man is her son, boyfriend, lover, husband, brother, cousin, uncle, friend or significant other. Being Black can definitely give the reader a connection to Chocolate Thoughts, but anyone irrespective of race or gender will find these writings to be thought-provoking, intimate, captivating, powerful, titillating and engaging.

Click for more detail about Plum Crazzzy by Monique J. Anderson Plum Crazzzy

by Monique J. Anderson
Literally Speaking Publishing House (Aug 01, 2004)
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I always wonder why am I the one who continually attracts the misfit man, the dog, if you will. At this point in my life and with all that I have to give, one nagging question remains: Why am I not in a committed relationship with a man who has more than just words to offer, but is a man of his word as well as most importantly a man of the WORD? … Everything in me wants a man like my Father in heaven told me I should have. Loving. Dedicated. Sincere. Masculine. A real MAN. A man like … The night I met Mark I had on my favorite designer dress appropriately accessorized with a newly acquired purse and matching shoes. My revealing short skirt, while very attractive, made me feel a little self-conscious in church, but I got over it faster than the several pairs of eyes that kept looking at it… After the conclusion of the new members’ class ….I heard a sound as though straight out of heaven…. "Excuse me, Miss," he said. Tiptoeing like a graceful ballerina, I swirled around in slow motion. It was HIM. I hoped and prayed silently, "Please, Lord. Please, Lord. Don’t let me look as stupid as I feel." With his hand outstretched, he introduced himself. "Hi. I’m Mark. Mark Hayes…."

Click for more detail about Mocha Love: A Novel of Passion, Honesty, Deceit and Power by S. James Guitard Mocha Love: A Novel of Passion, Honesty, Deceit and Power

by S. James Guitard
Literally Speaking Publishing House (Feb 14, 2003)
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Mocha Love: a love of a superior quality — strong, rich in flavor and infused with a passion that could only come from a masculine, Chocolate-flavored Black man who has his act together. The ESSENCE Best-Selling Author of Chocolate Thoughts, rated one of the nation’s best African-American books, has written a provocative and fast-paced novel entitled Mocha Love. The novel reveals the challenges, obstacles and victories men and women face in life because of love, honesty, deceit and power. Throughout Mocha Love, readers are exposed to a variety of heart-warming, romantic, masculine, intelligent, obsessive, sensual and strong men who are contending with the everyday trials of life, their sexual desires, a relationship with God, financial stability, family relationships, and career ambitions. A Must Read!!! Mocha Love is a seductive, emotionally moving, convicting and creative novel filled with characters who face real life temptations as they struggle to live a Heaven-bound life in a Hell-bent world. Mocha Love’s originality and lovable prose will touch your heart and your life.

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