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Click for more detail about True Intentions (Mass Deception) by Hallema True Intentions (Mass Deception)

by Hallema
Mahogany Publishing (Jan 01, 2005)
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The most anticipated novel of the year has finally arrived! The heroine you love is back and Toni T. Goodwin reveals her True Intentions.
So what’s it about?

The wedding is planned. Toni T. Goodwin has a sexually explosive secret that will inevitably be exposed one day. But for now, her plans to marry John Collins are on schedule. With her mother and Devon pressuring her to do the right thing, Toni decides to wait for the right moment to drop the bombshell. That moment, however, becomes blurred against the background of living an otherwise extravagant life: from shopping sprees in New York to extravagant vacations in Africa.

The wedding nears. Toni’s smooth sailing comes to a screeching halt. There is one man who knows all about her secrets. And yet another one of her suitors will make a startling discovery’ when a friendship gift turns out to be a damaging surprise. One too many close calls have convinced Toni to reveal her untold truth. Will she do it in time or will someone else beat her to the punch?

Click for more detail about Mass Deception (Volume 1) by Hallema Mass Deception (Volume 1)

by Hallema
Mahogany Publishing (Nov 15, 2003)
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Ms. Toni T. Goodwin wants what most women want: a strong position in her company, a good man, trusted girlfriends, and a piece of mind. This young advertising executive is a force to be reckoned with in the work place; she hooks John Collins, a rich businessman; she manages to spend quality social time with her girlfriends; but she may seek for the rest of her life a piece of mind, because… Ms. Toni T. Goodwin has a secret that could end her career, destroy her man, provoke hate from her girlfriends, and…get her killed.