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Click for more detail about Sweet Lavender by Terry O’Neal Sweet Lavender

by Terry O’Neal
Motion Publishing (Apr 20, 2003)
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Rae Lynne Jonston was only five years old when her beloved father walked out of her life, leaving her mother to raise his love child. As she got older, the only place Rae Lynne could find peace was in the sweet lavender patch near her house. Could the one thing that offers her salvation be the very thing that tears her world apart?

Click for more detail about Motion Sickness by Terry O’Neal Motion Sickness

by Terry O’Neal
Motion Publishing (Aug 24, 2000)
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Motion Sickness is an easy reading poetry book that every one can relate to. All of our challenges, feelings, and emotions are components to the Motion Sickness roller coaster. It is about the trials and tribulations and the ups and downs that we go through in our everyday life… why we cry and what we love about life… our children and our mates; as well as everything we hate. It brings forth our true feelings and puts them into words.

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