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by Sheryl Lister
NYLA Publishing (Dec 16, 2015)
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Sheryl Lister presents a second-chance holiday romance as her seasonal gift to you—her readers!

Will former lovers be reunited just in time for Christmas…

Melissa Tucker broke off her no-strings attached liaison with Kyle Jamison the minute she realized that she didn’t just like him—she’d gone and fallen in love with him. Now, months later, the former police detective is the only one she can turn to when the threatening notes she’s been receiving start to escalate. Only she didn’t count on still wanting him…

Kyle shared a sensual affair with Melissa and was completely blindsided when she broke things off. Granted he’d made his position against long-term relationships very clear at the start, but she’s the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget and now that he has the chance, he intends to prove to her that he is indeed a one-woman man.

Click for more detail about Made to Love You by Sheryl Lister Made to Love You

by Sheryl Lister
NYLA Publishing (Jul 14, 2015)
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Devin Simms has never forgiven the woman who walked out on him, but when he sees her again, he realizes the passion between them still burns—and even hotter than before. As they spend an unexpected two weeks together beneath the Caribbean sun he knows he wants more. Can he learn to forgive and reclaim the only woman who’s claimed his heart?

Floral shop co-owner Vivian Michaels believes she has finally put her past to rest. But when a wedding in Jamaica brings her face-to-face with the man she loved and had to leave behind, she realizes that she never stopped loving Devin. Every kiss reminds her of what she’s missed, and perhaps what she can still have if she would only trust him with the truth.