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by Tenisha Gainey
Piners Press (Apr 01, 2010)
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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is my story. 19 Years Old and 19 Men Later is the true life testimony of Tenisha, a Jersey girl born to a sixteen–year–old mother and a drug dealer father. She has to navigate her way through life. Her family does their best to give her everything she needs. But she wants more. She begins to look for love in all the wrong places, and she makes some very bad decisions. She uses her motto “stick to what your good at” to get by, and she is good at many things (sports, academics, and working), so she does well. But she goes away to college, and things change. She flunks out of university, and she goes back home to attend community college.
One day, as she is coming out of a hair salon, she is approached by a guy who is twice her age. He invites her out to eat. She accepts, and her life takes another turn. Follow her on this journey of life.

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