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by Dashawn Taylor
Real-HipHop Books (Sep 05, 2005)
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“A powerful tool for the underestimated generation.” That is the quote from Lidia Mitchell from Vibe Magazine in response to Dashawn Taylor’s new book; “From Poverty To Power Moves”. Since a young boy, Dashawn has set out to defy the odds and accomplish things even greater than his own existence. Being a product of the inner-city only encouraged him to work harder. From Poverty To Power Moves is an in-dept look into the life of this entrepreneur. Here, Dashawn walks us through his battle with poverty and discouragement to his near death experiences-from his educational excellence to his hip-hop aspirations. His emotional journey serves as a major inspiration. By ending with THE TEN HUSTLE COMMANDMENTS, Dashawn looks to inspire the hip-hop generation to make history and leave a lasting impression on society.