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Click for more detail about Cosmic Deputy: Poetry & Context by Kalamu ya Salaam Cosmic Deputy: Poetry & Context

by Kalamu ya Salaam
Runagate Multimedia (Mar 31, 2021)
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Cosmic Deputy is a literary memoir from esteemed activist, educator, producer, and poet Kalamu ya Salaam. Representative poems from Salaam’s fifty years (1968 – 2019) of writing are interspersed in an overarching essay tracing the poet’s multitude of influences. Toward mapping a theory of a Black literary aesthetic, Salaam explores the cultural inheritances of Black resistance movements, blues music, and the ways in which these sources and others have shaped not only his own work but Black letters more broadly.

Click for more detail about Spherical Woman by Kysha N. Brown Spherical Woman

by Kysha N. Brown
Runagate Multimedia (Dec 01, 2009)
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Kysha Brown Robinson†is a vital new voice: insightful, courageous, substantive and compelling. A book for the times you need reassuring there is hope that the future of African American poetry is in the competent hands of a sensitive craftsperson. -Mari Evans There are no real secrets in life: only truths we try to hide but which a tear, a smile, a touch, a sibling or an unborn, a lover or task undone always reveals. For finally we are more than our faults, less than our grand accomplishments-we are ships on life’s ocean, seeking, searching for human berth. † And this book is a captain’s journal. -Kalamu ya Salaam

Click for more detail about From A Bend in the River: 100 New Orleans Poets by Kalamu ya Salaam From A Bend in the River: 100 New Orleans Poets

by Kalamu ya Salaam
Runagate Multimedia (Apr 01, 1998)
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Includes Poetry from 100 New Orleans Poets. An impressive overview of cultural expression from the region.

Click for more detail about Fertile Ground: Memories & Visions by Kysha N. Brown and Kalamu ya Salaam Fertile Ground: Memories & Visions

by Kysha N. Brown and Kalamu ya Salaam
Runagate Multimedia (Jun 01, 1996)
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Fertile Ground is an unbelievable package of diverse work. We have new science fiction from Amiri Baraka, Kalamu ya Salaam and Kiini Ibura Salaam. We also have manuscript excerpts from books which are now published: Haki Madhubuti presents two exquisitely crafted "love/marriage poems" from HeartLove, and Sonia Sanchez gives us a section from Does Your House Have Lions?. There is also an excerpt from a work in progress by master poet Kamau Braithwaite (1994 winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature). Kamau tackles the thorny issue of genocide in Rwanda. There is also a major excerpt from an innovative work about cultural memory from Tobago-born, Canadian resident M. Nourbese Philip. Educator, lawyer, and former Black Panther leader Kathleen Cleaver is writing her memoirs; we have "The Summer of Love," the chapter which describes her being courted by Eldridge Cleaver’s. Educator, musicologist and theologist Jon E. Spencer, author of Blues And Evil, presents a provocative view of blues as an alternative theology to Christianity. The Atlanta Committee for Black Liberation, a collective of cultural activists, documents an insightful critique of the "Million Man March." Writer and award winning anthologist (In Search Of Color Everywhere) E. Ethelbert Miller offers a tribute poem to Langston Hughes. Mississippi poet Charlie Braxton graces us with two blues-based poetic gems. Baton Rouge poet Erren Kelly gifts us with a poignant and gripping narrative poem about the Black father/son relationship. From Africa we have three new poems by South African poet Keorapetse Kgositsile and a major essay on "time, poetry and the blues" by Ghana’s leading poet, Kofi Anyidoho. And there’s much more!

Fertile Ground includes a very special tribute section highlighting the work of literary critic Stephen Henderson, author of the seminal anthology, Understanding The New Black Poetry. Three of Henderson’s powerful and insightful essays (two of which are previously unpublished) are included. Henderson has produced a body of criticism that is unparalleled in its depth, scope and originality.

Also featured are New Orleans photographers Gus Bennett, Terri Mimms and Eric Waters; graphic artists Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier of Atlanta and Douglas Redd of New Orleans; plus mixed-media visual artist Renee Stout, who received critical acclaim for her touring exhibit, "Dear Robert, I’ll See You At The Crossroads." Fertile Ground also highlights the work of three Black writers workshops. The Carolina African American Writers’ Collective, led by poet Lenard D. Moore, is represented by twelve writers. From Liverpool, England we get the work of the Griot Workshop which displays a healthy sampling of dub and music-influenced poetry. From New Orleans we get the work of eleven writers of the Nommo Literary Society.