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Click for more detail about On Womanhood: Connecting and Thriving in Every Season by Stacy Hawkins Adams On Womanhood: Connecting and Thriving in Every Season

by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Spring Rock Publishing (Feb 22, 2022)
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There’s no one way to walk through womanhood.

A collection of essays that gifts readers with wisdom, insight, vulnerability, and fresh perspectives

Eleven women who span four generations.

Peeling back layers.

Sharing slivers of their life stories.

Pouring their hearts onto the page.

They are curious, courageous, outspoken, soft-spoken, vibrant, bold, shy, serious, fun, servant leaders and trailblazers - reflecting all manner of womanhood within themselves, and many of the traits they’re certain that readers drawn to this collective currently embody or are pursuing.

Readers of all ages will see themselves, or someone they know, highlighted in these essays and come away enlightened, inspired and empowered.


Stacy Hawkins Adams
Nailah-Benā Chambers
Margo Clifford
Jackie Hunter
Wanda S. Lloyd
Rita Flores Moore
Jacqueline J. Owensby
DaNika Neblett Robinson
Njeri Mathis Rutledge
Belinda Todd
Cassie Edwards Whitlow

Click for more detail about Finding Home by Stacy Hawkins Adams Finding Home

by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Spring Rock Publishing (Mar 21, 2016)
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What happens when you’re so desperate for things to go your way, that anything goes? Jessica Wilson Arnold is a superstar professional speaker whose husband and friends fret about the strain of her ambitions, while she hungers for more. When a medical crisis and some poor decisions bring her fast-track success to a screeching halt, Jessica is forced to admit that her life isn’t as perfectly packaged as advertised. Her quest to restore her health and prioritize what matters most leads her to a crossroad. Will she revive her faith and learn to love herself and others more deeply, or cling to a path that threatens disaster? Jessica’s desperate choices and gripping fear will take readers on a literary ride that’s both shocking and familiar, mostly leaving them rooting for her to win big – with family, faith and finding her way.

Click for more detail about Watercolored Pearls by Stacy Hawkins Adams Watercolored Pearls

by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Spring Rock Publishing (Oct 01, 2007)
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Three women spend a summer discovering that their less-than-perfect circumstances, their friendships with one another, and their faith are steppingstones to the lives they long to live.

Serena never thought she’d have children; now she has two active toddlers. But instead of being overjoyed, she’s overwhelmed. Did she make the wrong choice in giving up her successful career to be a stay-at-home-mom?

Tawana, an ambitious new lawyer, is trying to pull her life to together, but her past keeps getting in the way. An incredible opportunity at a prestigious law firm forces her to confront her demons. Can her new responsibilities fit with her growing faith?

Erika’s estranged and once-abusive husband wants her back. He says he’s changed, and he’s even going to church. But is he telling the truth? Or is he just smooth-talking her back into a bad situation?

Enjoy this anniversary edition of Stacy Hawkins Adams’ bestselling inspirational women’s fiction novel.