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Click for more detail about My Amputations by Clarence Major My Amputations

by Clarence Major
Fiction Collective Two (FC2) (Jan 07, 2008)
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This novel is about a man pursued by his shadow. Its protagonist is either a desperate ex-con who has become convinced that he is an important American novelist or a desperate American novelist who has become convinced that he, and most of what passes for literary life on three continents, is a con.

Originally is a published in 1986, this new edition [the paperback edition 2008] returns to print a classic, landmark work of American fiction.
Winner of The Western States Book Award

Click for more detail about Hogg: A Novel by Samuel R. Delany Hogg: A Novel

by Samuel R. Delany
Fiction Collective Two (FC2) (May 01, 2004)
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Acclaimed winner of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime’s contribution to gay and lesbian literature, Samuel R. Delany wrote Hogg three decades ago. Since then it has been one of America’s most famous “unpublishable” novels. The subject matter of Hogg is our culture of sexual violence and degeneration. Delany explores his disturbing protagonist Hogg on his own turf—rape, pederasty, sexual excess—exposing an area of violence and sexual abuse from the inside. As such, it is a brave book.

Click for more detail about Trouble the Water by Melvin Dixon Trouble the Water

by Melvin Dixon
Fiction Collective Two (FC2) (Jan 01, 1989)
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Trouble the Water moves among finely woven layers of time and place as it takes on a new and controversial theme in contemporary black writing, the search for family reconciliation. Twenty years after running away from home in Pee Dee, North Carolina, Jordan Henry believed he had found success, as a young college professor of history, a married man, and a resident of New England, whose colonial past he knew so well. When Jordan finds his career stymied by local prejudices, his world crumbles. Word of his grandmother’s death reaches him, and he returns home to claim the ambiguous legacy of her farmland and face the consequences of his long absence.
Jordan’s estranged father also returns to Pee Dee on a quest of his own restoring his good name in a community which blames him for Chloe Henry’s death in childbirth. Chloe was Jordan’s mother and his grandmother’s only child. Unresolved hostility in the family and in the community breaks out, making Jordan the unsuspecting pawn in a plot of revenge against his father. Jordan may be the only one who can free his family from the past and the equally troubled present.Trouble the Water gains resonance from its unflinching confrontation with dualities common in the Afro-American experience: reality and myth, folklore and sophistication, North and South, rural and cosmopolitan. While sacrificing none of its complexities for the sake of simplicity, it has the relentless movement of a fairy tale that reaches deep into the unconscious roots of behavior. It is intensely lyrical and dense in realism. Trouble the Water is magical in the way it reveals the Afro-American psyche and symbolizes fundamental truths about American life.

Click for more detail about Emergency Exit by Clarence Major Emergency Exit

by Clarence Major
Fiction Collective Two (FC2) (Jan 01, 1979)
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This, Clarance Major’s fourth novel, is about people in a town in Connecticut that has just passed a law requiring all men to carry all women across all thresholds at all times. Even before publication the book gained critical attention.