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Click for more detail about Emancipation Proclamation, Forever Free by Kevin McGruder and Velma Maia Thomas Emancipation Proclamation, Forever Free

by Kevin McGruder and Velma Maia Thomas
UMI (Feb 28, 2013)
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Through historic documents and pictures, the full color coffee table book is both celebration and history. It chronicles efforts to free the enslaved starting before the Declaration of Independence, to the Civil War and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and continuing through ratification of the 13th Amendment. Emancipation Proclamation Forever Free culminates in the reelection of Barrack Obama as President of the United States, which took place almost exactly 150 years after emancipation. While other volumes view the Emancipation Proclamation as a document by a great emancipator (President Abraham Lincoln) or as a triumph of military struggle (The Civil War), Emancipation Proclamation Forever Free chronicles the people black and white, in bondage and free who created the conditions for emancipation. It is the story of those who resisted the evil of humans as property and ultimately triumphed.

Click for more detail about Favorite Bible Stories by Fred Crump Jr. Favorite Bible Stories

by Fred Crump Jr.
UMI (Jun 01, 2002)
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Favorite Bible Stories offers children of all ages a greater understanding of God’s word. Fred Crump, Jr’s distinctive illustrations echo the stories’ subtlety and power, making this book as exciting to look at as it is to read. Page after page, these pictures celebrate the beauty of black culture, giving children an African perspective of the Bible not often seen today.

Click for more detail about Family First: Winning the Parenting Game by Deloris Jordan Family First: Winning the Parenting Game

by Deloris Jordan
UMI (May 01, 1998)
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Deloris Jordan knows a thing or two about being a mom. She is the mother of five high-achieving children - Ronald, Deloris, Larry, Michael, and Roslyn - a sought-after national speaker on the family, and the volunteer president of the Michael Jordan Foundation. Her galvanizing message on encouraging responsibility and a passion for excellence has inspired parents across the country. Being the mother of basketball’s greatest player has given Deloris Jordan a platform, but it’s her experience bringing up an accomplished family in a challenging environment, along with her deep commitment to church and community, that gave her the expertise she passes on in this invaluable handbook for parents of children of all ages. Using warm anecdotes and never-before-told family stories, Jordan paints a realistic and uplifting portrait of the potential power of parents. She explores the universal goals that parents set for their children - self-discipline, responsibility, perseverance, moral values, and the desire to achieve - and explains the practical tools and strategies theJordan family uses to realize those goals. And through personal examples and wise, plainspoken insight, Deloris Jordan challenges, guides, and encourages parents who long to do everything they can to help their children learn, grow, prosper, and succeed.