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by Joseph S. Spence
WestBowPress (Feb 21, 2020)
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Inspirational and Uplifting Poetry for Your Daily Living!

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is an inspirational and uplifting text for your reading and uplifting, meditating on its words, applying its principles to solve problems, and living a righteous life. It will open doors of God’s inspirational grace for you with His revelation for a “breakthrough in your life.” It will allow you to help others and instills the following:

  • This is your divine time to take the high roads and not the low.
  • Overcoming the Goliaths in your life and succeeding with grace.
  • Changing your negatives into positives accomplishments.
  • Divinely not succumbing to secular invading beliefs against you.
  • “Strengthening your sacred relations” with God’s devotional saints.
  • Enhancing your inspirational faith with God’s ecclesiastical words of love.

Additionally, Sincerely Speaking Spiritually revelation proliferates the following:

  • Uplifting God’s manifestation of preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies.
  • Improving your status of allowing “God to anoint your head with oil.”
  • Elevating your spirit to “drinking from your overflowing cup” of grace.

It conveys the following for all believing hearts to embrace with God’s blessings:

  • “Overcoming the Judases of darkness” with God’s resurrection light.
  • Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones leading to salvation.
  • God’s tansformational power for you to “be a victor and not a victim.”
  • Vanquishing the unwarranted lies of your enemy’s deceitful crucifixion.
  • Enlightening souls to “rise above with His resurrection power.”

Finally, it establishes the principle of “only God as the one to determine your destiny.” It communicates you should not be intimidated by the devils’ disciples and follow the elevation from God’s saints. It bestows the resurrection power of God to reside in you from Him, who has all authority in heaven and earth. It broadcasts this is your time to step up to the plate, in God’s name, with His faith and glory, and to hit a home run for Him!

How could one deny such revelations from God in their lives? “This is your time to rise above,” travel the path with God’s saints, belief in His Word, “relieve the pain in your heart,” and be a blessing in His grace and love to humanity.

Reading this inspirational book will improve your life in ways. It will motivate you to assist others gracefully, encourage you to live a rewarding experience, reinforce persuasion in your faith to help others, and energize you in relieving the pain in the hearts of many.

Get your uplifting copy today and be refreshed in your thoughts, words, and deeds to move onward and upward in fulfilling your goals and life’s inspiration with God’s assistance. It will make an excellent gift and inspire others to be strong in their faith. Have an awesome day, don’t forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, mindful, enlightened, and God’s blessings always!

His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. USA. (Epulaeryu Master)!

Book Review

Click for more detail about The Intentional Leader  by Donald Davenport The Intentional Leader

by Donald Davenport
WestBowPress (Sep 03, 2015)
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When we say we will act with intention, what does that mean? We intend to set the alarm to get up and go to work. We intend to pick the kids up from school. We intend to watch this TV program, or read that magazine. There are also many other things that we intend to do that we never do. I believe that in leadership whether it is in the private or public sector, home or in a church organization, to be effective, one has to be intentional. This intention begins with the leader. When the leader is clear about who they are, the culture of the organization takes notice and evolves and is shaped by that intention.

Through this book we will seek what it means to be an intentional leader through 7 intentions:

  1. Intentionally Capacious Expanding and growing beyond your level of comfort
  2. Intentionally Collaborative Knowing that one of us is never greater than all of us
  3. Intentionally Challenging Standing tall in the midst of conflict
  4. Intentionally Compassionate Connecting and emphatic to the people you serve
  5. Intentionally Communicative Clarifying the vision,values and expectations of the mission
  6. Intentionally Conscious Being aware of your strengths, challenges and the environment around you
  7. Intentionally Called Understanding that God’s purpose is larger than yourself