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Click for more detail about Will That Be Cash Or ’Cuffs? by Yvonne Blackwood Will That Be Cash Or ’Cuffs?

by Yvonne Blackwood
White Knight Press (Jun 01, 2005)
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A hilarious story with a bizarre cast of characters that appear and disappear like Extra Terrestrials — and their ingenious methods of stealing in a large supermarket chain, and the personal conflicts and challenges for those who work to keep the shelves stocked. You’ll laugh at one moment then empathize the next when we meet Mrs. Johnson, the little old lady who wants to be “soft and smooth”— and will stop at nothing to do so. Or Mrs. Euphima Clarke who is as tall as she is wide with a voice to match. Meet the suave, Wilbert Wiley, a modern day Don Juan who is obsessed with every female he sees. They all come together in the supermarket — their neighborhood meeting place. Adding to the fun and interwoven within the fabric of the story is the coming of age of Bobby Blackwood, a six-foot-five college student who works part-time as a security guard to help pay his college expenses.