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Click for more detail about Sister Connie Fuse Makes A Grave Mistake by Pat G’Orge Walker Sister Connie Fuse Makes A Grave Mistake

by Pat G’Orge Walker
Word-For-Word Publishing Company (Apr 01, 1999)
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Poor Sister Connie Fuse! She’s been trying so hard, for most of her life to find and serve God. When she joined the Ain’t Nobody Else Right But Us-All Others Goin’ To Hell church and got saved, she thought her search was over. That stuck in menopause church mother, Mother Pray Onn has asked the newly-converted Sister Connie Fuse to take her grave layaway payment over to the Dyin’ To Git Here cemetery. She made a mistake and put it through the mail slot of the We’ll Haul Your Ashes crematorium. Mother Pray Onn found out and has threaten to break her down to a nub at the next Prayer and Testimony Service. Can the Angel-in-Training Joe Bill, along with the help of Sister Betty stop Mother Pray Onn from turning it into a free-for-all testilying service? Bringing an end to world hunger would be easier, especially since Rev. Knott Enuff Money, Deacon Laid Handz, Bishop Was Nevercalled and some of the other spiritually challenged congregation members have butted in. Read how they praise God! You do the opposite!