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AALBC.com Founder, Troy Johnson is the Sr. Book Editor of Harlem World Magazine.  Look out for a revamped look, a new Books Section, and incredible advertising opportunities, all in the new Harlem World Magazine.

NO. 15 Winter/Spring 2007 � Wedding Special

NO. 16 Fall 2007 � Gift Giving Special

The combination of AALBC.com and Harlem World Magazine advertising provides authors with a unique opportunity to reach those who love to read.  Contact us for more information troy@aalbc.com

There is an (untapped retail market opportunity) of...$6.2 billion aggregate income in the Harlem community....Of this $2.6 billon is Local Purchasing Power. �The Social Compact/Fleet Community Investment Group study.

Through the prism of urban general interest, HW chronicles Harlem celebrities, culture, fashion, lifestyle, health, sports, news, business and philanthropy. With an authoritative voice, HW creates trends as much as it records them. HW covers music, educates its readers on Harlem History, and gives back to the community. HW serves as a portal to a growing, young, trend-setting, multicultural audience. By being excellent journalists and innovative marketers, we are
champions of urban culture.

Rate Sheet #1 Effective Fall 2006

Frequency 1X 2X 3X 4X
Bronze $500 $485 $475 $460
Silver  1,000 $970 $950 $920
Gold  1,500 $1,455 $1,425 $1,380
Platinum  2,000 $1,940 $1,900 $1,840
Platinum Plus $3,000 $2,910 $2,850 $2,760


Press Release 5,000 - 80,000 per release
E-Newsletter 5,000 - 80,000 per E-Newsletter
Banner 30,000 - 1,5 million (views)
E-Blast 5,000 - 80,000
5. Digital Magazine 5,000 - 80,000

Design 350 and up
4/C proof 50/50
Other services On request

Advertisers who contract for multiple insertion rates and fail to fulfill the contract within one year will be short rated back to the frequency rate that has been achieved.


The above production deadlines apply. A Change Order must be completed stating the advertiser, the date of the original I/O that this is changing and what is being changed.

Changes to an existing campaign must be received at least three business days prior to the change.

15% discounts to recognized agencies. 3% discount if paid within 30 days of invoice date. Applies to space, color, bleed and special position.

Speak to your Harlem World representative regarding deadline

P. O. Box #1405
New York, NY 10027

Telephone: 212.696.7929
E-mail: harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com
Web-site: www.harlemworldmag.com
Blog: www.harlemworldnews.blog.com


1. Press Release (5,000)
2. Banner (30,000)

1. Press Release (5,000)
2. Banner (30,000)
3. E-Newsletter (5,000)

1. Press Release (30,000)
2. Banner (30,000)
3. E-Newsletter (5,000)
4. E-Blast (80,000)

1. Press Release (50,000)
2. E-Newsletter (50,000)
3. Banner (500,000)
4. E-Blast (50,000)
5. Digital Magazine (50,000)

1. Press Release (80,000)
2. Banner (1,5 million)
3. E-Newsletter (80,000)
4. E-Blast (80,000)
5. Digital Magazine (80,000)

- Company name/logo listed at event.



If you advertise in Harlem World Magazine your book will be added to the AALBC.com homepage rotation for the 3 month period covered by the issue in which you advertise. 



Production quality:
The magazine is printed on 80 lb., glossy, on a sheet fed printing press. With no show through in paper stock and laser printing quality. 


Halrem World Cover Spring 2003 Issue #2 - Rita Moreno (age 19)
Spring 2003
Featuring Rita Moreno

14th Issue, Fall 2006
Featuring: Fall Fasion

April/May/June 2006
Featuring Damon Dash


Harlem World Magazine's Mission Statement
Through the prism of culture, Harlem World chronicles the faces, style, media, and business born in-and-out of Harlem. With an authoritative voice, Harlem World creates trends as much as it records them. Harlem world covers lifestyle, educates its readers, and gives back to the community. Harlem World is a celebration of opera and hip hop, men and women, old  and new�culture from start to finish & everything in between�around the block and around the world, Harlem World is a state of mind.  Harlem World serves as a portal to a growing, youthful, trendsetting, multicultural audience. by being excellent journalists, exceptional designers and innovative marketers; we are a billboard for the world and the champions of Harlem style.


Exclusive delivery: private apartment complexes, condos, and homes (15%)

High-profile events: music, sports, entertainment, fashion, charities, and premieres (25%)

Targeted distribution: bed & breakfasts, coffeehouses, galleries, boutiques, salons, spas, nightclubs (60%)

Distribution includes popular venues throughout Harlem and New York City:
The Schomburg Center, Studio Museum in Harlem, Abyssinian Baptist Church, Nubian Heritage Bookstore, Hue Man Book Store, Carver Federal Bank, Lenox Lounge, Blockbuster, Museo Del Barrio, Apple Bank, Fleet Bank, Columbia University, Riverside Church, Indigo Caf� & Books


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