I Don’t Know If Would Boycott Amazon

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I Don’t Know If Would Boycott Amazon

“It's a catch-22. I would like to because I agree that Amazon has hurt the book industry. I already try to avoid buying books there as much as possible. But... I buy a lot of books and I have found it challenging to buy the books I want anywhere else. For example, two weeks ago I drove a total of 25 miles to go to 4 books stores to get my son 3 books he is very eager to read. None of them had any of the books because they aren't current best sellers. The library didn't have them. The e-book site we subscribe to didn't have them. You know who had them? Amazon. So I ordered one. I'm holding out hope that one of the others turns up somewhere before I have to order another. I will continue to buy as few books as possible from Amazon, but I'm not going to give up reading a book I want to read because they are the only place I can find it.”

“I often visit the book store for most of my shopping, but it would be hard for Indie authors won t it if we stop buying books from Amazon since traditional bookstores (including indie) book stores make it hard for indie authors to get into their stores.”

“To me, this is a double edge sword. I'm a new author and I know many people use Amazon to purchase books, so I will be selling through them. Most bookstores don't cater to African American books and when we are visible in the major bookstores, it is only a small selection in a not so noticeable space or area. If many of these bookstores aren't catering to African American Authors or carrying their books or novel, where do we benefit? There aren't many black bookstores left. Perhaps you need to make the bookstore recognize their error. Perhaps this can be used as a negotiating tool.”

Last Updated: Friday, October 27, 2017