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How to Profit from the Underclass

Mel Hopkins


The Black community who have nearly zero wealth but $1.5 trillion buying power keeps the U.S. economy afloat.    

Some have the belief,


"the surface problems are financial.  Their roots are psychological and sociological. So, there are tactical and strategic solutions. " -~@Delano

Absolutely some of those tactical and strategical solutions require mental reprogramming and behavior modification.


The Black community didn’t create fiat money or its banking system.  Therefore, we're clueless when dealing with it.  The system terrorizes and traumatizes others, crushing them under the weight of insurmountable financial problems.


The former can be solved by education, while the latter would require reprogramming to alleviate ourselves of its pressures.  

For example, many believe we derive our worth from our financial portfolio, our parents or where we were born.  


Society programs us to believe what we own, who we can influence even our zip code determines our value. 

Once we’re indoctrinated into that belief system; once we begin to equate our intrinsic value to tangibles such as assets, physical appearance, influence or anything outside of our control; we quickly travel downhill on a slippery slope.    


For many of us, this is a way of life.  It is as natural as breathing.   pyramid_of_capitalist_system.jpg

We’ve been taught to seek outside acceptance, or even popularity, i.e., create an artificial demand for ourselves. 

We will do anything to achieve it.  We'll pay for things we can’t afford to get the attention of people we don’t know, have a relationship with, or even like.  

When we follow this path, we create demand for human-made products giving it value and thereby enriching its producer.

Ironically, the value comes from the demand. Without demand, there would be no value.  Humans, however, are valuable whether or not there's a demand.   


Looking for outside validation, or even valuation wouldn't be necessary if we recognize that we're invaluable from birth.


More on that later when we discuss remedies for financial pathology.


Some attention-seekers don't understand how attention derives its value or its purpose. So, they exchange it for money.  Others attempt to convert it into status. Once in demand, the goal for many is to gain an illusory higher ‘position’ in society.  


Hollywood even has a rating system for a celebrity’s popularity and will pay according to the rating.   


And as a society, we’ve agreed to this rating system as if it’s nature’s design.  Instead of what it is, an artificially created social stratification system. 

In nature, there’s no such hierarchy only symbiosis and mutualism.


Every species has a role and carries out for the continued evolution of this planet.  
Our belief system should reflect what exists in nature.  


Our innate abilities, talents, and Love at its apex are for this planet's growth, not its destruction.  

It's inherent within the Black community or any indigenous people to know their role in nature.   

We're here as sustainable support for nature and all that exists within. 


Still, that knowledge conflicts with the members' need for acceptance.   


Further, the natural system wouldn't benefit parasites who have learned how to thrive off the artificial system of selling attention-getting products. 

Unfortunately, they have convinced us to bury our talents and abilities and instead trade our time for a pittance so we can pay twice the amount of our earnings for trinkets.  


The price of human ingenuity is incalculable.  


Meanwhile, the black community is financially-strapped because they work to get attention. Some will convert the attention into money to buy things they don’t need, tire of it and unfulfilled will self-destruct.  


Others will use the attention currency, convert it to power then into money to maintain the social stratification system.  


Of them, in whispers, we'll say, "so-and-so sold their soul."  


For the rest, the tactical solution is to remember individual intrinsic value. Then we'll realize humans belong at a roundtable not in a pecking order.   


But I digress.  


There's a difference between how things are and how they should be. There's a difference between reality and belief.  


Maybe our psychological challenges stem from overthinking this lopsided mixed economic system. 


Therefore, a strategic solution is to understand that in democratic capitalism, money is a medium used in an exchange of goods and services.


The key is knowing the difference between price and cost.


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