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The mission of African American Christian Creative Writing is to engage the art of Fiction, Poetry, Drama, & Creative Non-Fiction from a Biblical Perspective. We are here to encourage each others to JUST WRITE! Maybe we can even take a UDEMY class together. Perhaps, we can review the different styles of writing used in the Bible. With room to discuss varied thoughts, the primary thrust should focus on proficiency and consistency in writing creatively.
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  2. I've been published thousands of times as a Journalist, Editor and as a Freelance writer. I rarely had the chance to be humorous except when I had to author a daily news column where I was free to be slightly funny. Now, I can be funny when the opportunity presents itself. But I am not going to poke fun at The Almighty, even though many of his worshipers are fair game. But the following has nothing to do with Christianity. It is an item tied to what our publication called: "This Day in History." THIS DAY IN HISTORY: July 28, 1586: Sir Thomas Harriot introduces potatoes to Europe. Years before he became Europe's version of the Spud Stud, young Harriot was hired by Sir Walter Raleigh, he of the muddy cloak, to be his chief navigator. It seems that Raleigh and his half brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, had sailed with 11 ships to the Cape Verde Islands in 1578, and the ships had become badly scattered. So Raleigh needed Harriot, especially since Raleigh had decided he wanted to pay a visit to what was then some other garden spots in the New World. Besides being a navigator, Harriott fancied himself something of a botanist, and his love of plants and all things fauna brought him in close contact with Native Americans. After painstakingly learning the phonetics of Indian language, Harriott was thrilled to learn that for weeks his new friends had wanted him to take a bath. It is believed that soon after this, Harriott learned about potatoes and published a treatise on the need to cut down on carbs. Delighted with his findings and a new book contract, Harriott sailed for home and dumped the potatoes before the Queen. The new repast was met with mixed reviews. The English were noncommittal but the Russians were ecstatic. As were the French, who immediately began to deep-fry them. Harriot, however, never became wealthy. Unlike Lord Hamburger, whose name we all know and venerate today. ( I wrote this on July 28, 2009 ).
  3. I am working on writing every day. A while back I purchased a book, "Write the Story." Piccadilly, Inc. published it. Looks like it has 365 pages for each day of the year. Each page provides a title and includes 10 words. The rest of the page, lines to write. You guessed it: Write based on the title, making sure you use the 10 words in your short story. Awesome way to "Just Write." Any takers?
  4. I just started a Udemy Course: COMPLETE Creative Writing - All Genres - THE FULL COURSE! | Udemy I like it!
  5. Hello! My name is Charlton Alexander. A few years back, I took a spiritual gifts survey that surprisingly manifested “Artistic Communication (AC).” Why was I so surprised? Evangelism and knowledge, I expected. But that AC would be my primary caught me by surprise. Through the years, I would always write songs, create poems, and even draw pictures. Then, for 13 years, I designed PowerPoints for my church’s worship services. Creativity is my thing. DUH! Now that I have officially retired, it’s time to spend the rest of my life using my spiritual gift for God’s glory. I am working on my first book, building a non-profit, and with my church, serving as an Elder and starting a male chorus. I am married with two children and two grands (my happy place). I’m here to meet and greet like-minded creative writing communicators. Please introduce yourself! Blessings Charlton Alexander
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