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  1. Love your comment Crystal...and our President's walk. I'm new to all of this, so maybe somebody can school me: What is it that our President can do to create all these jobs people are talking about? Seems to me that a whole bunch of rich white men are sitting back in major corporations and businesses deciding they're not interested in hiring right now...just because they can. What power does Obama have to make them get up off their greed? Seems like his hands are being tied every way he turns...Or maybe things aren't that simplistic. What are some bulleted points on things he can do right now to turn this thing around? I hear a lot of folks talking about what he's not doing, but not too many tossing around solutions.
  2. Bill Withers' music always gave me the impression he was a gentle "for the people," "all about love" type person. I don't know the details of his relationship with Denise, but anyone who abuses a woman probably doesn't have respect for females as a whole. I have a problem with that and putting that type of individual on a pedestal. You can't disrespect me or my gender for having weaker muscles and get my loyalty in some fan club. I'm reading Pearl Cleage’s book "Mad at Miles." The title came about because she stumbled across a Miles Davis interview where he bragged about slapping Cicely Tyson in the mouth and how she was afraid of him when they were married. Wasn’t the first time I heard it, but I was shocked when I did. Miles has always been touted in the black community and among jazz fans as if he was some “musical genius/hero.” I was shocked and offended that he found it comical to abuse a woman, and that his behavior seemed to be a well kept secret. My feel is if Miles doesn’t respect women, he gets no loyalty from me as a fan…I give credit where it’s due in him being a musician, but you will not hear me giving him accolades. I agree with Troy. If you're doing a bio on someone give me the good and bad so I can know who I'm fooling with. Pearl Cleage's book goes on to say how Bill Withers abused Denise Nicholas, David Ruffin abused Tammi Terrell, etc…Not to separate us as a people, but to ask the question: How can they hit us and still be our leaders, lovers, geniuses, and husbands? [James Brown should be added to the list for being both an activist AND abusing women]. To make good choices you have to know what you’re dealing with. Anything less slants reality.
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