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  1. Hey Troy That's a lot of defunct history --MosaicBooks.com, Nkiru Books, all the other black-owned bookstores and websites. But the Literary Freedom Project is hanging on trying to do some good. As you know, LFP presents the annual Mosaic Literary Conference. This year we're complementing the conference with photography exhibits Jamel Shabazz: Black Documents and Black Documents: Freedom. Everything starts on Saturday, November 25, at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The overarching goal of all the programs are to examine Black identity --from the tragedy of Kalief Browder's life to the beautiful presentations of Blackness in the photography of Jamel Shabazz. We want to provide a space learning and community building. This year's theme was inspired by Kalief's life and all the other black and brown people who are being killed under unnecessary circumstances. Give to our Kickstarter. Visit www.bit.ly/blkdocs for complete details. best Ron Kavanaugh
  2. The original thread is so beneath AALBC's content quality that if I didn't personally know Troy Johnson I would have unfollowed AALBC on all platforms -facebook, Twitter, etc. Conflating a hypothetical Facebook post and a discussion on PAWGs (whom I love by the way) is unfair. After reading the first sentence, which included the word "homo," I didn't have a strong desire to continue. Freedom of speech aside, both homo and PAWG seem out of step with the editorial content of AALBC.
  3. Just started Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America's Schools by Steven Brill. He looks at the state of public schools, and the sides aligned to help students, teacher's unions, and politicians. So far students lose.
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