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  1. Hi Troy, I read the chart and I thought some things were wrong. It said women were looking or black men who (1) had not been to jail (2) having a job (3) making 30K+ (4) being in-shape and (4) did not have children by other women. I don't agree with the way those questions were laid out. Most "good" women do not care if a man went to jail once or twice, but they definitely do not want a career criminal. They also do not care how much money he makes because 9 times out of 10 she makes enough to carry the financial burden. Some women like obese men, what if they are obese themselves?? We keep hearing about the BBWs right?! The job situation is mute if anyone follow the economy right now. And finally it would be unfair to expect a man not to have children by other women, when she might have children where the father is not around also. The problem with this chart is that "good" women that want "good" men do not use these criteria to define what a good man.
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