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  1. 100% agree. I couldn't say it better!
  2. Just finished reading Hiroona: A Historical Romance in Poetic Form which deals with a very interesting period of Caribbean colonial history. I have written a review on my blog.
  3. Small update. Here is a link to a recent blogpost which you might like to check out. It is about my immersion experience in Garifuna culture, by making hudut(u) with machuca, in preparation for my upcoming historical fiction novel, The Ashes from Our Tears. Enjoy! http://www.kirandellimore.com/behind-the-scenes-the-ashes-from-our-tears-part1/
  4. This is called choice architecture which is commonly utilized in marketing by almost all companies from your local grocery store to airlines to AMZ. I do agree that they are blatantly promoting their platform over the physical book. The question is why are consumers falling for it especially since many of us prefer physical books? I suspect the answer has to do with the accessibility. We want things now like a burger at Mickey D's and are not keen to wait for a book to be shipped. Very interesting how quickly AMZ (or perhaps the author - since the author sets the price ) r
  5. In this pandemic time I have been listening to a lot of Afrobeats...especially Davido. His music makes me want to dance. Plus he filmed the music video of one of his latest songs, Assurance, in Barbados (where I'm from). Check it out! Beautiful Barbados
  6. Thanks @Troy for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Much appreciated ! I have learned a lot in this brief exchange. You certainly have very visionary ideas. I hope that they can help to change book the publishing industry one day. Definitely agree. However, despite Amazon's behemoth size I don't think they can shut out independent Black book sellers completely. This will be scary and hard. Many authors will lose money by doing this. Perhaps it will take some of the biggest names in Black books today to lead the way. Like: Alice Walker, Yaa Gyasi (btw her book Homegoing
  7. I am about 1/3 of the way through Hiroona - An Historical Romance in Poetic Form, which is about the 2nd Carib War in St Vincent and the great paramount Black Carib (Garifuna) chief Chatoyer. Before that I finished Segu by Maryse Conde which was an enthralling historical fiction novel. I wrote a review about it here on my blog. Highly recommended reading!
  8. Hi @Troy perhaps it is useful to continue the discussion further for the benefit of all on AALBC. I agree that Amazon and it's dominance of the retail book market has drastically changed the economics of the book publishing business which has adversely impacted small printing presses/publishing houses as well as authors. What are your thoughts on what authors and small publishers can do to combat this? How can authors better support smaller publishers? To be devil's advocate is there perhaps also a way for authors and publishers alike to leverage Amazon's do
  9. @Troy Thanks for following up so quickly and in such detail. I am very impressed and grateful to you for your detailed response. Your depth of knowledge and experience really shines through in your post. I still have a lot to learn about the book printing and selling business beyond Amazon. In regards the ISBN for Fresh Ereba, the Google search should have also pulled up the Amazon listing (See screenshot). Fresh Ereba is also published on LuluPress, however, it is pending distribution. So perhaps it will take another month or so for it to show up on Ingram Sparks. By
  10. Hi @Troy I read through the guidelines and noticed that there is a typo in rules 11 and 12 as the two sentences seem to be connected (see below). Perhaps this is a quick fix: 11. AALBC.com assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omis 12. sions in this section or on this disclaimer page.
  11. You are asking all the right questions @Troy! There is another way to promote your book for free on Amazon other than giving it a way for free. Previously, I have used a countdown deal, in which the price of the e-book starts off low, say 99c, and is gradually increased in stages until it returns to the normal price. However, I did not see many sales with the latter approach, while after the free book giveaway I did see a boost in sales, especially of the paperback. For completeness, one can also pay for advertisements on Amazon to promote your book. Although I have not yet tried this out, sin
  12. Hi @Troy thanks for the great questions, which are relevant to other authors on AALBC! I am fairly new to Amazon KDP (I only joined back in October 2019) and there is currently no royalty for free ebooks (although you do get royalties if your book is borrowed from KU [Kindle Unlimited] and KOLL [Kindle Owners’ Lending Library]). Free give-aways do count towards your Amazon Best Sellers Rank and are therefore a helpful promotion tool. A requirement of the KDP Select Program is that the e-book must be exclusively available on Amazon Kindle for the 90 day period of enrolment in the program (which
  13. Hey all! Just getting the word out. I started a writing blog on my author website. This month I am focusing on a three part series on the writing process for first time authors. Please check it out and leave your comments.
  14. Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier. There is a Kindle free book promotion on Amazon that ends today (21st May) at midnight PDT. Feel free to check it out!
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