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  1. For Immediate Release Contact: Esther Productions, Inc At 202-829-0591 Esther Productions, Inc recently published ESTHER'S DISCOVER ME.. WITHOUT YOU BOOK Available April 4, 2020 (Washington, D.C.) - At last, we grasp the long-lasting effects of father absence through the voices of confident and powerful teen girls,” writes girls and women advocate Ana Acevedo in the preface of “Discovering Me…Without You: Teen Girls Speak About Father Absence.” In this groundbreaking book, published by Esther Productions Inc. Books, two dozen girls ages 14 through 17 tell their personal stories about the impact of father absence on their lives. It is edited by Jonetta Rose Barras and published by Esther Productions, Inc and Jonetta Rose Barras. For more information, please visit https://www.estherproductionsinc.com/shop Esther Productions, Inc. is dedicated to using a variety of vehicles—traditional and nontraditional—to develop communities throughout the United States and Europe. A special emphasis is placed on youth and underserved communities. The corporation uses the arts, social services and networking, and business development to enhance its targeted populations. For more information please contact Ms. Barras at estherproductionsinc@gmail.com. Visit: www.estherproductionsinc.com Ms. Jonetta Rose Barras is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author. She has more than 20 years experience reporting and commenting on national social, political, and cultural trends, including as an opinion writer with The Washington Post, Washington Examiner and Washington City Paper. Ms. Barras hosted her own weekly radio show on the 50,000-watt WPFW-FM radio in Washington, D.C. Following that stint, she served for more than six years as the political analyst for NPR affiliate WAMU-FM radio, where 75,000 individuals listened each week to her. She also has appeared on CBS (60 Minutes), C-SPAN, CNN, PBS (This is America with Dennis Wholey) and Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. Ms. Barras founded Esther Productions Inc. in 2004 after the publication of her Black Board bestseller Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women (Ballantine 2000, hardcover—2001, paperback). She has spoken at more than two-dozen national and international conferences and symposia, and many consider her the foremost authority on the affects of father absence among girls and women. Understanding the need to offer solutions to Esther Productions Inc.’s target audience of fatherless girls and women, Ms. Barras wrote Bridges: Reuniting Daughters and Daddies (Bancroft Press 2005). That book is a step-by-step guide for girls and women hoping to reconcile with their fathers or simply to come to terms completely with the affects of father absence in their lives. Ms. Barras communication expertise combined with her management skills has made her a highly sought consultant. Through Esther Productions Inc. she offers her knowledge and experience to other nonprofit organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Ms. Barras has expertly used the art of personal essay to take readers inside her world, hoping to help them understand and assess important local and national issues. Her writings have appeared in the Washington Post, The Hillrag, The Washington City Paper, Essence Magazine and the New Republic. Ms. Barras has written three nonfiction books and two collections of poetry. Her fiction and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. Visit http://jonettarosebarras.com
  2. Please join Joy Jones at Culture Coffee too (300 Riggs Rd. NE in Washington, D.C.) on July 18th at 2pm for Double Dutch. It is geared towards women ages 18 - 45. The Spoken Word "began as a performance poetry ensemble in 1988 founded by arts activist Darrell Stover. The performing group presents at schools, museums, conferences, colleges, churches, community groups, fairs and festivals throughout metropolitan Washington, DC. The group has since grown to stimulate and motivate audiences on a broader stage. The Spoken Word offers workshops, classes and activities that address needs in the community through art and culture." http://www.thespokenwordonline.org/?page_id=8
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